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Sep 13, 2012 10:00pm EDT
director and msnbc contributor. and keith boykin, a democratic strategist and cnbc contributor. turns out ben bernanke's days are numbered. that's it. if he's going to help stimulate the economy, then i'm afraid president romney would have to just get rid of him. >> and it was governor perry who said it would be treason if he printed more money between now and november. don't you love how bernanke would do anything to help the economy, help the stock market, help, i don't know, working people, is clearly an attempt to help obama? it can't possibly be for any other reason like, i don't know, bringing stability, let's say, or predictability to our markets. >> let's listen to how chuck schumer welcomed paul ryan back to capitol hill today. >> it's nice to see paul ryan back here in congress. it will be even nicer to see him back here as a full-time member in january. now, there have been a lot of controversy about mr. ryan and some of the things he says and what he states. the least credible claim of all about congressman ryan is the idea that he's a serious deficit hawk and that his bud
Sep 26, 2012 7:00pm EDT
false rumors it would air for free on tv. so let's talk here now with keith boykin, former clinton white house aid and president of the kings college and the film maker and author behind "2016: obama's america." danesh, people are trying to stop the movie and putting it for free on youtube. why are they doing this? >> well, the first strategy on the left, hoping it goes away. you can go into an entire network and not even know the film existed. then the obama campaign came out swinging, that was strategy two, blast the film. >> well, they basically said this film is full of errors. obama never said he was against american exceptionalism. obama has not given money to brazil to drill for oil. point after point i refuted this and showed wrong, wrong and wrong again. so now strategy number three is you can't discredit the film, lowball it. false rumors, blast e-mails out saying the film is coming out for free and hackers breaking into sites and putting, uploading the whole film on youtube. so we've taken it down. it's still on some of these peer-to-peer sites, but it's a way of saying
Sep 11, 2012 11:00am PDT
. also cnbc contributor as well as keith boykin. let's start off with this poll here. as i mentioned likely voters versus registered voters here. help us make sense of these numbers at least comes out now. >> well, we always draw a distinction when we look at polls between talking to all americans and those who are registered to stroet and those who show a propensity of voting. you you look at voting history and ask how likely they are to vote in this election. that's the distinction here. as you get closer to election day, you go with the likely voters a little more. it's still interesting obama is making gains even among registered voters. that's where the quote-unquote bounce is coming from after the convention. not only that, he's made gains on specific issues. women a's i women's issue, economic issues although not the economy itself. >> sure. >> he's able to move the needle a little bit on underlying trends that haven't translated for him into a change in the way people say they're going to vote, but at least there are some encouraging trend lines. that's not something mitt rom
Sep 3, 2012 8:00am PDT
. >>> let's say good morning, bring in our polyer, joy ann reed, managing editor for the grio. keith boykin, and susan. susan, i want to start with you. there's been a lot of debate, are you better off? stephanie cutter responded this morning. >> by any measurement, the country has moved forward from what we inherited four years ago, but we're threat there yet. that's the point. the president makes this clear on the campaign trail every single day. there's so much more we need to do. >> the obama team saying this convention will be not about today so much, but about tomorrow, looking forward to the vision of what's to come for this country. the romney campaign is looking back. over the past four years, using that as an example for why we need to change. is this the right way to go into this, and is the republican narrative on to something? >> the problem with the team obama strategy is they're telling people these are the facts, but people are not feeling it so when governor romney goes out there and says, you know, we need change, we need to change how we're doing business, we need
Sep 10, 2012 8:00am PDT
political power panel, ruth marcus, keith boykins, susan dell percy. good morning to all of you. keith, let me start with you. the president appears to have gotten quite the post-convention bounce. he now has a 50% approval rating, unlike his net negative approval from before the convention. there it is right there. the president has also widened his lead to mitt romney over 50 poi -- over five points. this is from his pollster. it says don't get too worked up about the latest polling. while some voters will feel a bit of a sugar-high from the conventions, the bax structure of the race has not changed significantly. the reality of the obama economy will reassert itself as the ultimate down fall of the obama presidency and mitt romney will win this race. keith, statement aside, how worried is team romney right now? >> i worked for mike dukakis in 1988. i remember what it's like the work for a losing candidate and you know you're going to lose. there's no guarantee that mitt romney is going to lose this race, but at the same time, these numbers are not good. they're trailing in th
Sep 19, 2012 2:00pm EDT
the news nation political panel for this lovely wednesday. erin mcpike and democratic strategist keith boykin and steve dais. you are no fan of mitt romney. you said he should not be the nominee and dpaugt him hard campaigning in iowa this time and four years ago. is this the man you expected, the guy that said these peoples are victims and appear to not show very much concern for that 47% that he referred to? >> well, i want to take you back to some things i said in the primary, tamron. if you might recall, i told your audience to look at the contested proo e mares and what you found in states that didn't have high mormon populations that were contested of san or the um or gingrich, he lost middle class voters in states like michigan, ohio, for example. and this campaign really comes down to right now it comes down to what are voters thinking when they go in to the polling booth on november 6th? are they thinking they're not better off than four years ago or mitt romney's the very kind of republican that we don't trust, that we don't like and even a lot of republican base would rather
Sep 21, 2012 2:00pm EDT
a moment. let's bring in a political panel, keith boykin, ann cornbluth and danny vargas, nbc latino contributor and republican strategist. pamela, let's start off with peter alexander. ear in las vegas. tell us what you know regarding the romney campaign releasing within the hour his 2011 tax returns. obviously, friday, late in the evening. this all brings suspicion as to the timing. >> reporter: tamron, mitt romney just arrived here touching down with us on the back of plane a few minutes ago, and he will be doing in las vegas what a lot of americans do, which is lay his cards on the table. we already are getting early indications of exactly what we will learn from these returns. of course, this is happening at the end of what has frankly been perhaps the worst week of mitt romney's entire campaign season that began with the release of that secretly recorded video, which led to the remarks about 47% of americans that he referred to as victims being government depend entsdependent. what we will see in the newly filed 2011 tax return, the romneys paid $1.9 million in taxes on
Sep 24, 2012 8:00am PDT
. want to bring in our political power panel, dana millbank from "the washington post." keith boykin, contributor and b.e.t. columnist and msnbc contributor susan. good to have you all here. dana, i want to start with you. there's this new poll that is putting the president ahead of mitt romney nationally. now, within that same poll itself, it puts the president ahead of the governor on the issues of taxes, also on medicare, the two are tied on jobs. romney leading on one issue and one issue only, basically the budget and spending. in your latest argument or article, rather, you make the argument about mitt romney saying that voters don't need more mitt. what they need is core mitt. do you think we're going to see core mitt over these next three days because ohio being such a key battleground state that it is, that the president right now is leading, do you think that he can turn it around right now on this bus trip? >> you know, thomas, we keep expecting that he'll do that, and then he gets off and distracted on the latest flavor of the week or of the day. so he seems to be bouncing around and n
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)